Tumpa Adhikari

Meet Tumpa Adhikari, the co-founder of Disha, an NGO, who is raising awareness about sexual exploitation amongst the children of brothels of Kolkata.

The fact that Tumpa was determined to change the system, which made it a norm that both sex-workers and their children in the brothels would be subjected to sexual exploitation, became evident when she was in class XI. Tumpa, a mere teenager back then had dragged her alcoholic father to the police for physically abusing her mother. Though Tumpa could not continue her education more than the higher secondary level, in 2005, she and sixteen others with the guidance of social activist, Paromita Banerjee, founded Disha, an NGO, which initially started off by providing a night shelter for all the children of the brothels.
Tumpa, who was born in the Kalighat red light area, today works both there and the Kidderpore red light area, spreading awareness against abuse amongst children and mothers alike. Tumpa’s has been a journey of invincible courage and she has become the role-model for children of other sex-workers.