Shimanti Das

Meet Shimanti Das, the founder of Joyjeet Memorial School, who has overcome a great personal loss and emerged today as a true philanthropist, working for the underprivileged.

It was on the 29th of April, 2003 that Shimanti Das conducted the first class for her school with just a couple of children on the pavement in front of Navina Cinema. This date marked the one year death anniversary of her son, whom she had lost to liver cancer. With a desire to do something for children as a form of grief management, this former teacher-in-charge wanted to open her own school. She faced tough resistance from home, amounting to abuse, which led to her filing for divorce.
Funds were always tight during the initial days, with Shimanti getting help from family, friends, the local Bandhu Milan Club and a Swiss couple. Today, after sixteen years, Joyjeet Memorial provides education to not only underprivileged children but also vocational training to their mothers.
Shimanti continues to support ‘pass-outs’ with stipends and keeps on building on the foundation dedicated to her son.