Ratnaboli Ray

Meet Ratnaboli Ray, a psychologist by profession and a mental health activist by passion, is the one to extend care and raise the awareness that mental issues are not a social taboo.

Ratnaboli grew up in a household with two schizophrenia patients who were kept far away from the public gaze. Always deeply troubled by this, she pursued her graduation in psychology and then specialized in psychosocial disability.
Driven by a desire to rehabilitate and reintegrate people with psychosocial disability, Ratnaboli through her tireless efforts joined hands with the state government to establish Anjali, an organization which operates with two main focuses – to provide affordable care to mental health patients, while at the same time trying to remove the social taboo surrounding mental health issues.
Ratnaboli’s journey has been one of determination, a determination to provide care to those who need it. For her unending efforts for the greater good, she has been awarded the prestigious Human Rights Watch's Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism. Ratnaboli continues to provide a much needed care, and hopes to take it further ahead.