Mousree Basistha

Meet Mousree Basistha, a woman battling with impaired vision, who is the President’s Award winner for Best Employees in India (blind category) and also imparts understanding of legal theories to the bureaucrats of our country.

Smoky white. The only colour Mousree Basistha manages to “see.” She emerged a topper among 54 aspirants with “normal vision” and bagged the post of an assistant professor at the Kolkata Police Law Institute, last year. She achieved one educational milestone after another, like topping the LLB exams and pursuing a Phd after an LLM in Homosexuals’ Rights.

In 2014, she received the President’s Award for Best Employees in India (blind category). Imparting complex theories in law to bureaucrats (IAS, IPS, WBCS and WBPS officers) comes naturally to Mousree. Education empowers her to lead a life with greater freedom. “I am the man in the house, taking care of every little thing and everybody, including my aging parents. Someday I want to adopt a child. If motherhood is the biggest challenge, I must take it,” the can-do woman signs off, smiling.