Monica Liu

Meet Monica Liu, the person behind all the lovely Kolkata Chinese food restaurants, who turned from being a spy suspect to an established entrepreneur.

Monica and her family used to run a small eatery in Shillong, but their life took a drastic turn when this family on the suspicion of being Chinese spies were imprisoned briefly in Shillong and then shipped off to a prison in Rajasthan for five years and then transferred to Assam. It was from Assam that Monica wrote to the Government seeking justice for their plight, upon which they were released.
Tapping in the demand for a good Chinese eatery in Kolkata, Monica opened her first restaurant in Tangra, Kim Ling. Braving through much ridicule, Monica was the first to install AC in her restaurant, which was quite unthinkable back then. Today she is the proud owner of seven restaurants across the city, including, Beijing, Kimling and Tung Fong.
Monica Liu, also known as the “Don of Tangra”, runs her businesses with an iron hand and a strong heart.