Mehuli Ghosh

Meet Mehuli Ghosh, a silver medal winner of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, who has now set her eyes on the Olympic gold in Tokyo.

Seven-year-old Mehuli Ghosh wanted to be a gun-toting CID officer!
Unlike other Bengali girls, she was never interested in confining herself to the stereotype.
Her initiation into shooting wasn't smooth. She was rebuked by coaches and fellow shooters for shooting wayward.
Then marksman Joydeep Karmakar saw the determination in her. He kept her away from any competition and made her go through various mental trainings for a year.
Mehuli thus re-emerged in a new avatar. Two golds in the Pune national championships in 2016 were followed by a stunning tally of eight gold medals in Thiruvananthapuram. The achievements made everyone in Indian shooting take notice. Next, she went on to miss gold by a whisker at the Commonwealth Games in Australia and won a silver in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.
“With a gun, I can visualize a world my way,” Mehuli said. “My ultimate dream is to win an Olympic gold and I hope it will happen in Tokyo.”