Manasi Mridha

Meet Manasi Mridha, a first generation pink cab driver of Kolkata, who has been bypassing through various dead ends in her life to make a difference.

A teen mother and having been kicked out by her in-laws, Manasi worked odd jobs to feed her son. During this period she acquired driving skills, worked as a private driver and imparted lessons to young women. For Manasi, coming in touch with Sakha was a great help. This NGO helps women to own and drive cabs in the city and they provided Manasi with encouragement and helpful advice.
Getting her cab flagged off by the Chief Minister was indeed a moment of pride for Manasi, but this was just the beginning. Availability of parking spots is a major issue and male cabbies have been bullying women cabbies to change parking spots. Initially submissive, Manasi today protests against such unfair practices and is providing the courage to many who are in her position to not give in to the dominance of patriarchy on the roads.