Falguni Nevatia

Meet Falguni Nevatia, a medical health social worker who has been providing high-quality primary healthcare to rural and underprivileged communities with an unyielding spirit.

Falguni’s story is one of strength and resilience. She met Arun Nevatia, a cancer fighter since ten, while pursuing her graduation in Mathematics. Because of Arun’s wavering health, the match was not an approved one but that did not stop the duo from tying the knot.
Sensitive to the need for a proper primary health care system, Falguni gave up her teaching career of twenty years to help the growth and development of Rural Health Care Foundation, an organization established by Arun, imparting primary health care facilities to the rural areas and underprivileged sections of the society.
Arun breathed his last in 2013 and she took up the reigns of the foundation. Today RHCF has treated more than 2.1 million patients and is spread across 20 centres in West Bengal. With unfazed determination and true grit, Falguni continues to care for the ones in need.