Dr. Michelle Harrison

Dr. Michelle Harrison is a woman who has broken all boundaries to emerge as a woman of strength. This cancer survivor, who is also the founder of Shishur Sevay, which is committed to giving a new life to orphaned and abandoned children in Kolkata, had sold her home in the USA to dedicate her life to this cause. A successful medical practitioner, Dr. Michelle Harrison has truly redefined the meaning of being committed to the welfare of less privileged.

Website Identity statement: Doctor and Social Activist

Website content: Meet Dr. Michelle Harrison, a doctor by profession, who gave up her home in the United States of America to set up Shishur Sevay, a safe home for both abled and disabled girls.

Dr. Harrison, a practitioner of medicine, has battled against and survived cancer, only to give a new meaning to her life and those who are less-privileged. Having been the key position holder at Johnson and Johnson, Dr. Harrison, however chose to sell her own home in the USA and do something for children, who had not been selected for adoption and were spending their days in institutions in Kolkata. Thus she established Shishur Sevay.

Founded on the principle of providing a protective home to orphaned and abandoned disabled children, Shishur Sevay under the fierce guidance of Dr. Harrison has today emerged as one of the most trusted practice model for home based care. Educating children in various forms of dance, music, arts and crafts, Dr. Harrison is committed to providing them with the best of life.

A published author and a visionary, Dr. Harrison is today an inspiration for many.