Ayesha Noor

Meet Ayesha Noor, a 22 year old, who has battled against many adversities in life, is today a Karate trainer to girls of slum areas, educating them in the techniques of self-defense.

Ayesha Noor, a girl of humble origins, began training herself in martial arts when she was only six years old. Falling prey to a chronic illness and losing her father before turning ten, however put her family in a dire financial situation which affected her training and treatment.
Refusing to give up, she trained herself under MA Ali, a karate champion of 1988. Ayesha went on to win gold medals at three state and national karate championships in 2012, post which she went to Thailand to win a gold in the Thai Pitchai International Youth Karate Championship. Her monetary situation however had not improved and she was able to continue with her training, thanks to many benefactors who came to her rescue.
Today Ayesha practices as a Karate trainer to girls from the slums at Ramleela Maidan, as she believes self-defense is something that every girl needs to be aware of.