About Us

Kolkata is a progressive city that empowers its women, giving this one-half of its population the freedom to excel and express themselves, much more than many other Indian cities. It does not put women on a pedestal but accepts them as equal partners in its progress. This has transpired into tens of thousands of women who live extraordinary lives and contribute to making this city -- and the world -- a place of hope.

The Times of India is proud to bring you these extraordinary stories of women -- young and old, rich and poor, born into privilege or struggling to get there -- who have one thing in common: their zeal to make the lives of others around them a little better, thereby making Kolkata a better place.

Times Women Heroes Kolkata will feature some of these women and salute their courage and vision, hoping that their stories will inspire others to emulate them or do even better. It is meant to be a tribute to not only the women who will be featured in this series but to every woman who has made this beautiful city her home and, in the process, made it more of a Tilottama.